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This could be happening in Thunder Bay by city council Drug Department 
This could be why Thunder Bay City Council and their Drug Department cover up the Drug Deaths 



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Ottawa Freedom Convoy Peaceful

Ottawa Freedom Convoy Peaceful

Ottawa Police Report no incidents of violence or injuries reported

THUNDER BAY, OTTAWA  ~~~~~~  January 29, 2022 (LSNews) In a media release issued at 7:55 Saturday night the Ottawa Police stated that Crowds in the downtown core are dispersing after today’s demonstration but traffic issues continue and a large presence of police remains in place.

There have been no incidents of violence or injuries reported.

Many streets in the downtown core are closed or impassable to vehicles.

Do not travel to the downtown core. For residents and businesses in the core, police are working to mitigate the impacts of the demonstration such as gridlock and parked vehicles and thank residents for their patience.

Police continue to work to ensure emergency lanes are maintained.  Vehicles that are parked in areas deemed necessary for public safety will be towed.

Throughout the day, police and traffic officials were forced to close several interprovincial bridges and several 417 exits into Ottawa. These traffic issues will continue on Sunday.

Interprovincial bridges: Portage and Alexandra bridges are closed. Champlain bridge is open, and the Macdonald-Cartier bridge has lane reductions. The Chaudiere bridge is open for healthcare and essential workers only. Be prepared to show identification. If you are neither, do not use this bridge.

We continue to ask that demonstrators respect national symbols like the National War Memorial or the Terry Fox statue. City crews and police took steps to protect these areas, such as towing vehicles and removing signs and paraphernalia, but they should be respected at all times.

There will continue to be a large presence of police and to ensure public safety this evening and on Sunday.  

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On the Tucker Carlson show on Fox  News interviewed on Truck Driver who it was great to see the Mums and Dads with kids smiling and waving as they went by 


Day One of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa did not live up the the Prodictions of  Hadju or Trudeau. Trudeau has said Canadians are not represented by this "very troubling, small but very vocal minority of Canadians who are lashing out at science, at government, at society, at mandates and public health advice.

On TBNewsWatch T hunder Bay-Superior North Liberal MP Patty Hajdu is taking security warnings about the potential risk from a convoy of anti-mandate truckers and hangers-on seriously.

 Prime Minister Trudeau says the "small, fringe minority" on their way to Ottawa "hold unacceptable views" and are undermining the rights, freedoms and values of Canada.

See for yourself the  Energy 

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There is a large Number of Sex Offenders being arrested in Thunder Bay 

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