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This could be happening in Thunder Bay by city council Drug Department 
This could be why Thunder Bay City Council and their Drug Department cover up the Drug Deaths 



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Lawsuit Filed Against Westjet by Employees Over Vaccine Mandates

Lawsuit Filed Against Westjet by Employees Over Vaccine Mandates

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~  November 29, 2022 (LSNews)  WestJet employees join in the fray suing their employer and the Government of Canada. As we continue more organizations are fighting to defend their choices around the vaccine mandates. WestJet employees have hired Albertan Lawyer Leighton Grey who is representing workers from several other large employers and is known for defending the rights of all Canadians.

As with similar lawsuits across the country we see how companies and the Government of Canada have created two-tiered societies. This was accomplished with fear, coercion, discipline and failure to provide informed consent regarding the vaccine and it’s side effects. All of these methods clearly defy Canadians rights as set forth by the Charter. Many tactics actually cross the line according to the Criminal Code of Canada.

The group of WestJet employees currently 112 people strong have seen their careers destroyed by choosing not to partake in a medical procedure that is their right to deny, as is any medical procedure. As more and more evidence regarding the vaccines is coming forth from around the world especially around vaccine efficacy and known side effects the courts will have much more to consider. When one weighs the evidence of Charter breaches, Criminal Code violations and the failure to recognize individual medical choices it would appear the Government and WestJet has an uphill battle.

Police on Guard will always support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms through lawful process.

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We are a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members of law enforcement.

The unconstitutional Public Health orders in place have resulted in the permanent closure of countless small businesses, the declining mental health of adults and children, and the tainted reputation of Canadian Law Enforcement.

A collective breaking point was reached by many in the police force as we saw Canadian’s fundamental human rights slowly stripped away. We signed up to act as beacons of truth, peace and integrity and we intend to hold fast to that conviction by shedding light on the unconstitutional nature of current Public Health legislations surrounding Covid-19.


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