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Drug Deaths

152 people died in the Thunder Bay District Health Unit area last year, a 50 per cent increase from 2020

Time To Stop Supporting
Toronto Drug Dealers

Time to Sigmatize Drug Use

Time to put our Children 
Ahead of Drug Dealers 


Appointed by Thunder Bay City Council Ken Boshcoff  and councillor Shelby Ch'ng Citizen Empty 
Appointed by the Province 
No Appointment No decision-making powers
Malcolm Mercer appointed by the Province oversees the TBPS.
And a new arms-length Human Rights/Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Unit within the force.
The citizen of Thunder Bay fund the Board but made no decisions. 

Visit Police Service Board Website 


Another year of Liberal policies in Thunder Bay and another year of increasing crime rates.

2022 has been the most murderous year in the history of Thunder Bay and clearly handing Thunder Bay the dubious title of “Murder Capital of Canada”

The numbers aren’t even close. Thunder Bay is over double the murder rate of the next closest city, which is Winnipeg.

A record 15 murders occurred in our city thus far in 2022.

Liberal policies have made our city ripe for crime as gang members and other criminals flock to our city. Many of these killers were on bail or probation for other crimes.

Expect 2023 to be just as bad, or worse.

Crime is out of control in Thunder Bay and the criminals are taking advantage knowing that consequences are lacking for their actions.

TBPS Director of Communications Chris Adams, TBPS Media Relations Coordinator Scott Paradis & their buddies continue to hide as much crime as they can from the public.

Our Mayor, City Council, Provincial & Federal Members of Parliament all bury their heads in the sand, and pretend that all is well here.

More of the same for 2023 in the Murder Capital of Canada

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