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TBay Courthouse
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Westfort Ward

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  January 24, 2023  (LSNews)  Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers responded to a call yesterday afternoon, Monday January 23,2023 at Thunder Bay Social Housing (Spence Court) located at 230 Amelia Street West. 

TBPS Officers attended second floor Apartment 205 where they found local criminal BRODIE GALLINGER  with a wet cloth across his eyes.  He had allegedly been bear sprayed by two males. 

TBPS Officers reviewed the security surveillance in the building and observed two males attending Apartment 205.  One with bear spray behind his back and the other with a knife. 

Security footage showed them enter Apartment 205 where they spent 11 minutes. 

The surveillance video showed them rapidly exiting.  The suspects had also damaged a wall in the Thunder Bay Social Housing Building. 

Security footage showed the two male suspects head upstairs and enter apartment 305. 

TBPS Officers arrested a white male and an indigenous male suspect on the third floor. 

The indigenous male suspect was found to be in possession of fentanyl, crack cocaine and methamphetamine. 

A 20 year old white male, AIDEN JAMES FRENETTE was criminally charged with:

  • -assault with a weapon (bear spray)on Brodie Gallinger 
  • -possession of a weapon for purpose dangerous to public (bear spray) 
  • -mischief (damage to wall of Spence Court) 

A 41 year old indigenous male, CHRISTOPHER GORDON KRIEGER (February 26,1981) was criminally charged with:

  • -assault with a weapon (bear spray)on Brodie Gallinger 
  • -possession of a weapon for purpose dangerous to public (bear spray) 
  • -mischief (damage to wall of Spence Court) 
  • -breach of bail (house arrest at all times) 
  • -possession of crack cocaine
  • -possession of fentanyl 
  • -possession of methamphetamine 

KRIEGER has outstanding criminal charges 

KRIEGER & FRENETTE spent the night in a jail cell at Balmoral Police Station. 

KRIEGER was transported to the Thunder Bay Jail this morning, Tuesday January 24,2023. 

KRIEGER has a court appearance scheduled on Friday January 27,2023. 

AIDEN FRENETTE was ordered released on $100 no deposit bail by Justice of the Peace Tobey Meyer with conditions:

  • -reside at 406 Syndicate Avenue North 
  • -no weapons 

FRENETTE has a court appearance scheduled on March 6,2023 

TBPS Media Relations Coordinator Scott Paradis hasn’t told the public about these arrests or any past arrests of CHRISTOPHER KRIEGER. 

Editors Notes:
This type of Crime will only increase as long as City Council and their Drug Department consider the Criminal Use of Drugs as an illness 

Time for City Council members to stop supporting the Criminal use of illegal Use of Drugs 



March 21,2018


A handcuffed 37 year old CHRISTOPHER GORDON KRIEGER (February 26,1981) appeared in Courtroom 303 on March 21,2018 to be sentenced by Her Honour, Justice Chantal Brochu for two criminal charges of:

  • -robbery
  • -failing to appear in court. 

KRIEGER was found guilty of these crimes in 2017.  He was supposed to be sentenced on November 21,2017 but didn’t show up for court. 

A bench warrant was issued and he was arrested by hardworking Thunder Bay Police Officers on December 24,2017 and has been in the Thunder Bay Jail  ever since. 

TBPS Media Relations Coordinator Scott Paradis failed to tell the public that KRIEGER was ever wanted or arrested. 

KRIEGER is about 5’7” tall, medium build with tattoo on neck wearing light gray track pants with darker gray long sleeve shirt and long black ponytail. 

KRIEGER represented by lawyer Leon Nicol and the Crown Attorney is Gordon Fillmore. 


Finding of facts in court were that on the evening of November 30,2016 , the female victim of the robbery received her monthly cheque and cashed it. 

KRIEGER had received his monthly cheque for ODSP (his disability is not known) that day as well and had already spent all his money on crack cocaine and wanted more. 

KRIEGER waited and watched outside a crack house on Prince Arthur Blvd. 

The female victim came to buy crack cocaine for her Aunt and when she was leaving to go deliver the crack, she was attacked by KRIEGER from behind. 

KRIEGER held her in a headlock, waving a screwdriver in her face saying that he was going to kill her if she didn’t give him drugs. 

KRIEGER fled with the female victim’s Samsung Galaxy phone and 3 - 20$ bills but no crack cocaine. 

KRIEGER has a lengthy adult and youth criminal record. He has numerous convictions of violence and theft.  He’s had several conditional sentences (house arrest) in the past. KRIEGER has several convictions for breaching court orders. 

Provincial Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore requested a penitentiary sentence of 4 to 6 years. 

Defence lawyer Leon Nicol originally wanted no custody but concedes that 6 to 8 months would be appropriate. 

Justice Chantal Brochu reviews the Gladue factors. 

KRIEGER is a status member from Goulais Bay 15 Indian Reserve near Sault Ste Marie. His mother went to residential school and he was a witness to domestic violence in the home. 

KRIEGER has 5 children ages 3 to 15 years whom he does not support. 

The victim impact statement was reviewed. The victim is fearful leaving her home now and has anxiety attacks. 

Justice Brochu points out that KRIEGER saw himself as a victim throughout the court process.  

This sentence requires deterrence and denunciation. 

Justice Brochu is ready to read the sentence. 

KRIEGER is sentenced to 18 months in jail on top of the 88 days he’s already spent in custody. 

Pre-sentence Custody is recognized but won’t be credited. 

Justice Brochu says this sentence is in the lower end of the sentencing range. KRIEGER will most likely be released from custody in about 12 months. He’s also getting 12 months probation, a DNA ORDER and lifetime weapon prohibition. He must attend all programs required including substance and alcohol abuse. He receives 30 days concurrent for failing to show up for his sentencing on November 21, 2017

KRIEGER’S mother and another female relative are in the back of courtroom.  The mother is crying as KRIEGER is led out of the Courtroom by Thunder Bay Police to begin serving his sentence. 

Local taxpayer subsidized media failed to report this robbery or sentence. 

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