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#LSN_Elections Polls By Lake Superior News

September 24th Poll

The average Canadian family paid 43 percent of its income on taxes

22 Votes

Would you support a candidate who will demand to cut waste cut waste full spending  100%
Bi we beed ti soebd nire kicak tax dikkars esoecuakkt ib /sicauk origran                              0%

September 21st Poll
Do you support Defunding the Police Candidates?

Yes, Defund the Police and replace them with Social Workers who will look after the criminals who are ar homeless   5%
No we need more Police working to protect our families                                                                                                   72%
Defend the Drug enabling ....harm reduction                                                                                                                       2%
Keep cops on the street but spend some money to help conps deal with mental health issues & addictions calls not needing jamil time   16%
Defund  the police and give More free Alchohol to people handing out on Cuberland street everyday ...don"t make them have  to steal it  0%

215 Votes

September 10th Poll

So many Candidates are running on a Climate Change Platform
In Westfort Ward the city is planting Russian Mountain Ashe trees along Gore Street But refusing to replace the lead water pipes running down the road.
Instead giving families water jugs and water filters.
Which is more important to you

Lead free drinking water for Families      97%
Climate Change City Planting tree               2%
87 votes

July 29th Poll

The city of Thunder Bay has had its 9th Homicide and it is not even August
The present council and its Drug Committee believe being a Junkies is an illness, not a crime


Do you believe a junkie, addicted to Drugs or Alcohol is an illness? Our municipal Taxeses should provide  free drugs or alcohol  10%
Is it time that we treat Drug Users as Criminals and spend time in Jail to keep our community safe                      90%


Monday, October 24, 2022 - Voting Day, in-person polls will be open 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

If you are running please email us and we will add you to the List 
Your Name Position you are running for  ie Councilor  Ward Name City And a head shot

If you wish you can email a 8 paragraph story as to why you are runing and for what position 
[email protected]

Thunder Bay Municipal Elections 2022

Thunder Bay Municipal Elections 2022


Gary Mack

Robert Szczepanski
Peng You

Clint Harris

Ken Boshcoff 

Current River Ward

Andrew Foulds

Andy Wolff

Duff Stewart


Red River Ward

Jason Veltri
James (Jimmy)  Dean Marsh

Michael Zussino

Brad Ford

Martin Rukavina

McIntyre Ward 

Albert Aiello 

Brent A. Boyko

McKellar Ward 
Lori J Paras

Brian Hamilton

Stephanie Danylko

Cory Bagdon

Northwood Ward 

Bill Dell

Dominic Pasqualino

Chris Krumpholz

Syed Kabir

Mike Maher

Westfort Ward

Alan D. Corbett

John Collins

Michael Zussino

Kristen Oliver

Neebing Ward 

Shaun Kennedy

Debra Halvorsen

Greg Johnsen

Yuk-Sem Won

Basil Lychowyd

Brad DesRochers

At Large

Kasey (Taylor) Etreni

Iqbal Khan (IQ)

Adetunde (Ade) Ogunberu

Marilyn Cully

Brian Joseph Phillips

Dino Menei

Mark Bentz

Jim Mauro

Stephen Margarit

Brian Tsubouchi

Shane Judge 

Trevor Giertuga

Shelby Ch’ng 

Dan Courtney

Rob Barrett

Donnalee Morettin

Bob Hupka

Tracey MacKinnon

James Glavish

Rajni Agarwal

Adelina Pecchia 

Allan Mihalcin

Robert Girardin

Thunder Bay English Separate School Board Trustee

Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board

Matt Pearson

Lawrence Badanai

Anthony Foglia

Francis Veneruz

Tony Pucci

Tony Romeo

Eleanor Ashe

Adam Shaen

Dina McFarlane

Leanne Fonso

Gloria Gabrijelcic

Thunder Bay English Public School Board Trustee

George Saarinen

Leah Vanderwey

Trudy Tuchenhagen

Donica LeBlanc

Gary Johnson

Ahsanul Habib

Ron Oikonen

Ellen Chambers

Ryan Sitch

Kelly Fettes

Pat Johansen

Paul David Sequeira

Gary Christian


French Public Shcool Board Trustee

Anne-Marie GĂ©lineault


French Separate School Board Trustee

Claudette Gleeson

Elode Grunerud


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