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Western University dropping the COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Robert McKenzie

Western University dropping the COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Still keeping Masking after the Christmas holidays

THUNDER  BAY, LONDON, ONTARIO ~~~~~  November 29, 2022 (LSNews)  Western University in London, Ont., announced today  Western will no longer require students, employees and visitors to be vaccinated in order to come to campus.

The controversial mandate initially prompted mixed reactions from students when announced back in August, while the union representing the institution’s faculty association praised the move.

Protests were held earlier in the school year as demonstrators marched around the campus and listened to speakers denounce the school’s booster mandate.

Masks continue to be required in instructional spaces in the winter term after the December break, to minimize any continued transmission of the virus. As a reminder, medical-grade masks are available for free in libraries and some of our largest classrooms.

On Western Face book page when the announcement was posted these were the comments
This isn’t good news. This policy should have NEVER existed in the first place. I’m ashamed that I went to a school that would implement such a discriminatory policy.

  • I hope people push for answers as to why it was ever allowed to exist in the first place. Was so wrong and against all ethics and morals. I hope they still get sued.
  • Western University please elaborate on what science has changed since September 6? This mandate was illegal and I hope you apologize to your staff and students when you decide to own up to what you have done. I don't recommend they accept your apology though.
  • What about the masking mandate which does not make any sense. Check out 31 medical studies which prove that . Students need to be able to breathe properly fresh air and enjoy their learning experiences at Western, make friends and interact with each other and with their teachers. They do not need any barriers to freely speak and breathe, they need to see each other's beautiful smiles.

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