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Rare video of cougar in northern Minnesota!

Rare video of cougar in northern Minnesota!

October 20th in the southern part of the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem

NORTHERN, MINNESOTA  ~~~~  November 3, 2022 (LSNews)  Wanted to share a super rare trail camera video of a cougar that our project got recently! Screenshot from video also attached below.

The video was taken on October 20th in the southern part of the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, Minnesota.

This is the first video of a cougar our project has captured. According to the Minnesota DNR, there have been only 59 verified cougar observations in the state since 2004 (~3.4 per year).

We just got our first video ever of a cougar!! This rare footage was from October 20 and taken in the southern part of the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem. Fortunately, the footage is super clear so no disputing what kind of kitty this is! The Minnesota DNR has verified 59 cougar observations in the state since 2004 (~3.4 observations/year…2022 numbers not available yet)—none of which have been in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem so far, though several weren’t too far away! Most wild cougars observed in Minnesota are thought to be transient young males traveling from breeding populations of cougars in the western Dakotas. This is based on evidence (genetics, etc.) from cougars that died or were killed in Minnesota and other midwestern states.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, Minnesota, USA. Our over-arching goal is to couple cutting-edge, rigorous wolf research with highly-effective outreach and education. 

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