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Deja Vu - A Look Back on the COVID Fall & Winter 2021/22

Deja Vu - A Look Back on the COVID Fall & Winter 2021/22

Chapter #8 - The Corona Virus Chronicles - We’re vaccinated... what could possibly go

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~  November 25, 2022 (LSNews)  It is 2021, and we are now into our second fall and winter of the COVID pandemic. While some 80 percent of eligble Canadians have been vaccinated since the government began its mass vaccine rollout program this past spring, things look depressingly similar to last fall.

There appears to be little optimism going forward as our health ‘experts’ warn that we are heading into some challenging months, despite the progress made. They say the colder weather means people will be spending a lot more time indoors (duh!) and therefore increasing the potential for viral transmission. Apparently this is due to the delta variant being more infectious than the previous variants. And then, to add a little bit of fear into the mix, because we haven’t had enough of that yet, they tell us that another delta surge, or new variant, could emerge that could drastically change the outlook.

But, why so such trepadation? I mean we're all vaccinated; we’re protected, aren’t we? That’s what they told us, otherwise why would the government have launched such an aggressive campaign, spending millions, if not billions, on vaccines, and encouraging everyone to get their jabs, if it wasn’t going to stop the spread of the disease. Didn’t they tell us, if we all did our part and got the jab, we could go back to our normal lives. Yet, here we are like deja vu, we’re still masking up to shop, or go anywhere, for that matter. We are still left wondering if schools will be open and stay open, if universities will return to in-person learning, and if we are going to be able to have a normal Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en or Christmas season. On top of all that, we now have to produce ‘vaccine passports’ for the privilege of dining out, and attending various other indoor venues, such as theatres, sports arenas, and gyms and even to go to the doctor, if you can actually get an in-person appointment.

It makes one wonder, what ever happened to that ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’. But, now it’s not about flattening the curve anymore, apparently, it’s about seeing it decline, so they say. Well it looks like it won’t be declining by Thanksgiving, as many parts of Canada will still have public health restrictions and guidelines for the holiday celebrations. Gatherings have been limited to 10 to 20 people and, if the weather permits, the festivities should be held outdoors. If held indoors, windows should be opened to ensure good ventilation, as well as having fans to circulate fresh air. Who cares if people are blue with cold as they chow down on some equally cold turkey. And now the great vaccine wedge has begun, as health officials advise, "The safest thing you can do is ensure that everyone that comes into your home is vaccinated, and that will get rid of a lot of risk." So if you have a family member that hasn’t got the shot, cross them off your invite list, just like that. Treat them like they are a leper, because that’s what Thanksgiving and family is all about. 

It looks like Hallowe’en is on again too, with a few small caveats. The kids out trick-or-treating should still wear surgical masks under their Hallowe’en masks. Because the children, you know, who are outside, where the transmission of COVID is virtually nil or at least that’s what they told us last winter, are still at a grave risk of contracting COVID. So they should wear a COVID mask and practice social distancing, and that goes for those giving out the treats as well. But indoor Hallowe’en parties are a no-no, particularly for kids, because, you know, they haven’t gotten their jabs yet. 


Apparently an 80 percent vaccination rate isn’t good enough now, ‘experts’ now say that the disease is so infectious that ‘almost everybody’ should be vaccinated. Now, I would reckon that 80 percent, as a number, is as close to ‘almost everybody’ as you could get, when you are talking about an entire country. Is this myopic obession with vaccines, why there is no mention of the many people who have had COVID and recovered from it. Normally, based on pre-COVID science, anyone infected with any virus would have acquired natural immunity from it, and shouldn’t need a vaccine, and should no longer be infectious. At least that’s the US COVID guru Dr. Anthony Fauci used to think when it came to having the flu.

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Tom Elliott @tomselliott

Fauci, in 2004: “If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is getting infected yourself. If she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine … the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself”

11:18 AM ∙ Apr 1, 2022


However, this is not the case with COVID, although none of the ‘experts’ have ever explained why this is so. There is also no mention of the fact that, by all indications, to date, healthy children are virtually immune to the virus, and are not very effective spreaders of it, and that if they do get the virus, it is mild and they recover quickly. Yet they are still required to wear masks and a vaccine program is planned for them. 

Now, we’re hearing about the potential of waning immunity of the vaccines over time. What? We didn’t hear anything about that when we got our first shots. Dr. Andrew Morris, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto’s Sinai Health and University, now says, given that most most Canadians got their shots in the spring and summer of 2021, waning vaccine immunity could begin as early as late October. Wait, so you’re telling me that the shots you urged me to take in the spring and summer, when COVID cases were low–because COVID, like most viruses, has proven to be less infectious in the warmer months–that those shots are going to start wearing off already, just when we head into fall and winter, when viral infections start surging again? 

The question, according to Dr. Morris is whether a booster shot program should be implemented to head off the problem. Wait a minute, who said anything about boosters? We never needed a booster during flu season. Don’t worry, our Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam is on it. She announced, at the beginning of November, that COVID boosters will soon be available and has urged people to get them as soon as they can. So, it would appear that the first two vaccines we got, have an approximate efficacy-life of maybe three to five months? How many of these boosters are we going to need then? 

Now, as December 2021 rolls around and Christmas and New Years are on the horizon, so is a new variant—Omicron. Apparently it’s not a virulant as delta, but more contagious. So, once again our illustrious Dr. Tam is lecturing Canadians on keeping holiday gatherings as small as possible, only involving family and close friends and again, only the vaccinated ones. Those unclean miscreants can spend Christmas alone.

Santa Claus parades, holiday concerts and Christmas markets have all been cancelled, just like last year. But the question is, why are we still experiencing these restrictions when most people are vaccinated and many are already getting boosted, as Tam has urged. And why are we being told to treat the unvaccinated like lepers? If we’re vaccinated, and boosted, shouldn’t that protect us from being infected by them? 

Do the vaccines work, or don’t they, because the way our health experts and government leaders are behaving, it is becoming pretty clear that they don’t. The vaccines, we were told, would stop the spread of the disease? Yet, in December of 2021, the daily national COVID cases in Canada doubled in one week. According to the Worldometer* chart below, by late December we were averaging 50 COVID deaths a day, which steadily creeped upward peaking at around 225 in January, 2022, which is about the same number as last January. Given that the percentages of deaths by age group has remained constant throughout the pandemic, it is safe to assume that the majority of these deaths—some 75 percent, would be in people over the age of 70, and and just under 90 percent over the age of 80. Given their age, I guess we can assume also that most of these people would have been vaccinated.

*Worldometer is a reference website that provides realtime statistics for diverse topics. COVID statistics for Canada are provided to Worldometer by Health Canada.


It also can’t just be the unvaccinated that are getting sick and dying, because according to statistics from Ontario health authorities by mid-January of 2022, when some 77 percent of the eligible Ontarians were fully vaccinated about two times as many fully vaccinated people (two shots) were in the hospital, as opposed to the unvaccinated.


(Source: )   

But, yet here we go again, more lockdowns. Ontario has cut, in half, the capacity limits in public spaces, including restaurants and bars, etc., you know, just when they were looking forward to making some actual profits during the holidays, Meanwhile, Quebec has shut down schools again, as well as bars and movie theatres and beginning December 26, will begin to limit gatherings to six people.

Gosh, isn’t everyone so glad they got vaccinated and boosted. Dr. Tam says not to worry, “We have more and better tools in our toolbox, including vaccines and booster doses, better knowledge of transmissions and enhanced guidelines on individual protections, as well as more testing options and improved clinical management and treatments for the coming weeks.” Well if you have all this, why are COVID cases, and deaths, I might add, on the rise again, just like this time last year. What impact are these ‘new tools’ having on COVID, Dr. Tam?

And what exactly are the the enhanced guidelines on individual protections, except the same old useless ones. That’s masking up, practicing social distancing, closing schools and businesses and limiting the number of people that can get together in any one space, so again smaller weddings, funerals, etc. It is clear these measures did little stop COVID infections before vaccines became available, and now with vaccines, what exactly has changed between this winter and last winter? Please do tell? What are those new treatments and clinical management protocols you’re talking about? They certainly don’t appear very effective, as fatalities differ little this season, compared to the last, and they don’t seem to be keeping people out of hospital or ICUs, so could we maybe have a few more details on that Dr. Tam?

If one looks at the pattern of COVID fatality rates in the Worldometer chart, it would appear little has changed from 2021 to 2022. COVID cases and deaths rise significantly during what we once to called the flu season—the late fall through to the early spring—and then taper off considerably after that through the summer and most of the fall. Nothing our health experts have done, seems to have changed this in any significant way. So instead of continuing with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and lockdowns that do more harm than good, how about we let nature take its course. COVID has moved from being a pandemic to becoming endemic, like the flu and the common cold, and we need to learn to live with it and treat as we treat these seasonal viral annoyances, and get on with our lives.

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