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What Will You Give Up When Governments Declare the Next Emergency?
Roxanne Halverson

What Will You Give Up When Governments Declare the Next Emergency?

How about a Climate Crisis?

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  November 21, 2022 (LSNews)  So, what are you willing to give up when our governments declare the next ‘emergency’? This is a  question everybody should be asking themselves, because we gave up an awful lot during the COVID Pandemic Emergency. What is disquieting is that we did so quite willingly. We gave up the right to freely leave our homes, to assemble in places of worship, to send our kids to school, to access medical care, and even to travel freely across our own country. 

We gave up our right to fully show our faces in public and, in many ways, we also gave up our right to free speech, because questioning the approved COVID narrative on any social media platform could get you ‘cancelled’ or ‘de-platformed. For doctors and other brave health professionals who questioned the COVID orthodoxy, careers were ruined and reputations destroyed.

We also gave up things critical to being human, like healthy recreational activities such as swimming, skating, skiing, playing team sports, going to beaches, going to parks, or going out to dinner or to sports and entertainment events. We gave up the very human need to freely visit friends and families; the need to fully celebrate holidays and milestones in our lives, be they happy or sad, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals. We allowed our loved ones to die alone, with no one there to hold their hand as they left this world, something that should never happen again. We allowed our children to be robbed of small joys and memories, such as trick or treating on Hallowe’en, and going to Christmas parties, birthday parties and even playdates with friends. But, perhaps most importantly, many of us gave up our right to bodily autonomy when governments forced vaccine mandates on its citizens, threatening job loss and/or complete ostracism from society if we did not obey.

Knowing what we know now, should we be so willing to give things up so easily the next time our governments declare an emergency? We know that the virus primarily killed the very elderly, most of whom were already infirm. The average age of COVID victims was 82-84 years. Younger healthy adults and children, if they did contract the virus, generally had mild symptoms and recovered quickly. So why did they have to sacrifice two formidable years of their lives? Years they can never get back.

We know that the vaccines pushed upon us were not as safe and effective, as claimed. People were impacted by a range of side effects and vaccine injuries, including serious conditions such as myocarditis. Other long-term effects are still unknown. We know vaccines can’t prevent infection or the spread of the virus, as people who have received as many as four doses still get infected and can infect others. There is also little evidence to support the notion that vaccines result in milder cases of COVID. In fact some statistics and studies indicate more vaccinated people have ended up in the hospital with COVID, than the unvaccinated. 

We know masks don’t work. According to statistics there is no discernible difference in infection rates between countries that mandated masks, and those that didn’t. We also are learning now that masking is the likley reason for the sudden spike in respiratory illnesses in young children, because keeping them out of school and/or covering their little faces all day may have impaired the development of healthy immune systems. We know the lockdowns did more damage than good and did little to prevent the spread of the virus. Instead they led to spikes in mental illness, domestic violence, drug overdoses, suicides, unchecked or untreated serious medical conditions and economic disasters for many people and the country itself. So again, we really do need to ask ourselves, will we be willing to do all this, and maybe more, should our governments declare another emergency or crisis, particularly when we know what we know now? 

What if it’s a Climate Change Emergency

Say that next emergency is a climate emergency. It’s not unrealistic, some governments have been hinting at it, as they tell us over and over again, we have to reduce those pesky carbon emissions or we are all going to die. You know, CO2, one of the key building blocks of life on the planet. We have already been asked to give a few things up already. Conveniences, like having plastic bags readily available at grocery stores. Replacing plastic straws with soggy paper straws or not having plastic eating utensils for out take out orders, using reusble containers, composting, and recycling etc.

Those are just small nuisances, but what about being able to affordably heat your home. Thanks to our government’s crippling of our oil industry and its relentless carbon tax, which has steadily increased with each passing year, home heating costs are already steep and are only going to get steeper. This is a product that Canadians need to get through the our long winters. It is a necessity of life, yet we are being taxed on it like its a luxury, in the name of climate change. What about the necessity of feeding your family? Carbon taxes on fuel impact everything, because food must be shipped from other parts of the country or world, and that means putting it in big trucks or on planes that use diesel fuel which is heavily taxed. That translates into higher food prices, which we are seeing now. It is not just about inflation, it is about to become a permanent fixture in our lives as our government continues to hike carbon taxes on fuel each and every year, in the name of climate change.

Many people, at this point, may shrug and say, “Oh well, we all have to do our part to fight climate change.” Well okay, then what are you willing to give up in that fight? What will be your breaking point? Will it be when the carbon tax on fuel is actually more than the actual cost of the fuel itself; fuel that you need to heat your home or drive your car to get to work? Or maybe it will be when, like in Germany and other parts of Europe now, where people are cutting down trees to heat their homes. Why? Because they fear there will be gas shortages over the winter, or that price of fuel will become completely unaffordable due to their government’s short sighted and unrealistic climate change policies. Europeans Are Burning Trees to Keep Warm | WIRED

Will it be when food prices rise even higher than they are now because new government regulations on farmers’ use of nitrogen fertilizer is going to make it all the more difficult for them to grow the crops needed to feed the nation–that’s happening now, in the name of climate change. Canada is not the only country doing this to their farmers. Farmers in the Netherlands are up in arms over the same regulations, where their government has gone so far to as threaten expropriating their land if they don’t buckle under and reduce their use of nitrogen fertilizer. Dutch Government Imposes Ag Cutbacks, Farmers Revolt | Dairy Herd

How about what happened in Sri Lanka when it introduced a policy of ‘only organic’ farming to the country, in the name of climate change? Sri Lanka’s organic farming disaster, explained - Vox

Will it be when you are expected to eat bugs instead of beef?  They are already floating the trial balloon, because you know, cattle and methane and climate change. They're Healthy. They're Sustainable. So Why Don't Humans Eat More Bugs?

Will it be when they begin to limit flying to further reduce carbon emissions in the name of climate change? Those vacations to exotic locations will become a thing of the past and Canadian snowbirds can forget about spending their winters in Florida or Arizona. Oh, they’re thinking about it. Should we give up flying for the sake of the climate? - BBC Future 

Will it be when you are forced to buy an electric car that you cannot afford, because they have taken gas powered vehicles off the road. California is working on that one right now. California bans the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035 Now that may be fine for balmy California, but in Canada, electric cars can be problematic, particularly for long haul drives in rural areas during the bleak, cold winter months, they just don't have the battery power to do it. 

What about your house? Many families and couples today have the luxury of living in large three or four bedroom homes, with family rooms, living rooms and dens, and finished basements, often equipped with gas or wood fireplaces. What if your government decided people just don’t need that much room, because it creates too large a carbon footprint? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Build a smaller house with no basement Many may have to go this route of smaller homes, when exorbitant heating fuel costs, due to government climate change policy, makes it impossible for people stay in their large homes, especially if they are also making mortgage payments. 

Or what if they say your gas or wood fireplaces create too much CO2 or other pollutants so you can’t use them. That’s already happened in some parts of BC. Wood Burning Appliances - Province of British Columbia and in the state of Oregon, south of the border. ‘Green’ days are gone in Multnomah County’s new effort to cut wood smoke pollution - OPB

Would you be willing to give up having children, or your children having children, therefore forgoing the joy of grandchildren, in the name of climate change? As Environmental Catastrophe Looms, Is it Ethical to Have Children? – Foreign Policy Or perhaps be limited to having only one child, a policy that Communist China ruthlessly enforced for a few decades. That’s been talked about too, as the earth’s population hit nine billion just recently. 

And if you challenge any of the climate change orthodoxy, it’s the same a COVID, when it comes to exercising our right to freedom of speech. Such challenges are deemed heretical by governments, their paid scientists, the legacy media, the social media overlords, the United Nations and an array of environmental acitivists groups, all of whom are funded by activists millionaires who are proponents of climate change, i.e. Bill Gates, George Soros and Al Gore, to name a few. According to them the ‘science is settled’ and any scientist, geologist, or climatologist that challenges that ‘science’, is de-platformed, cancelled, ridiculed and labelled a ‘crazy climate change denier’.

Is This Hyperbole?

Is this hyperbole? Well given that for every ‘what are you willing to give up” question I have asked, I have found media reports or government announcements, or actual policy changes that either indicate something along the line has already been discussed, or considered, or has actually been done. 

How Far Would Governments Go?

Now think back to 2019, before COVID arrived on the scene. If anyone had predicted then, the extreme lengths our governments would go to ‘protect’ us from a virus, which I might remind you, had a 99.5 percent survival rate, would you have believed them? Would you have believed police would arrest people for not wearing a mask? Well, they did just that. This is just one example, but there are many more. Man Arrested In Canada Costco For Reportedly Not Wearing A Mask

Would you have believed police would arrest someone for skating on a public outdoor rink because they were violating COVID ‘rules’? Well, they did that too. Police arrest 21-year-old at skating rink after bylaw officers say crowd violated COVID-19 regulations | CBC News

Would you have believed that police would storm your business property on horseback, literally lock you out of your place of business and take you away in handcuffs for serving food to people, outdoors, from your restaurant because it ‘violated COVID rules’? Well that happened to the owner of Adamson BBQ in Toronto.

Barbecue Rebellion Day 4: Adamson BBQ boarded shut, heavy police presence on scene - Rebel News

Would you have believed your government would routinely quarantine Canadians arriving back into the country after travelling internationally? People, regardless of their COVID screening results, were shipped off to what were often substandard hotels in a bus or cab, often against their will (because they wanted to isolate at home). They were then forced to pay ridiculous sums of money for their lodgings, which often provided shoddy services, including very poorly prepared meals. 418 travellers were kept for at least an extra day in quarantine hotels AFTER testing negative - Rebel News . Would you believe that if you were allowed to quarantine at home, police would phone you, or actually arrive at your house, to ensure you were obeying quarantine rules? Well all of that happened too. Once the vaccines became available, would you have believed the government would mandate that you provide a proof of vaccine ‘passport’, to dine out, to go to a bar, to a gym, to the theatre, or to your kid’s hockey game, or to travel inside and outside of the country? Well, we all know that happened.

Would you have believed the Prime Minister of Canada would arbitrarily order banks to freeze of the accounts of ordinary Canadians–not terrorists, not members of organized crime groups, not foreign ‘actors’ or spies–for simply supporting or participating in a protest that challenged his draconian vaccine travel mandates, and that the banks would unquestioningly do his bidding. Well he did it, and so did the banks. CONFIRMED: Bank accounts are being frozen under Justin Trudeau's Emergency Economic Measures Order - Rebel News  Would you have believed, at the same time, that Prime Minister would invoke, the never before used Emergencies Act, to have the same peaceful protesters brutalized by police as they forcefully removed them from their protest site, where they were legally entitled to be, because they disagreed with him?

Twitter avatar for @NIRA_Alliance

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@Kandahar_Cabana @OttawaPolice @JimWatsonOttawa @JustinTrudeau @CanadianForces🇨🇦Veteran Chris Deering🇨🇦 Gave All For Our Country In Afghanistan And Continues To Fight For Freedom For All Canadians Thank You Sir🇨🇦 Join Us In Peaceful Protest In Ottawa June 22nd-🇨🇦Liberate Canada Day🇨🇦#StandTo🇨🇦 #CanadaMarches @Vets4FreeCanada @CanadaMarches

1:52 PM ∙ May 2, 2022


These types of actions weren’t just taken by governments in Canada, similar things happened in many parts of Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. These are all major democracies of the western world, not tin pot dictatorships. In some parts of Australia citizens faced months of stay-at-home orders that were akin to being under house arrest, allowed only to go out for food, or face stiff fines (up to $4,000) or arrests.

Rules for Thee, But Not For Me

When we look back on COVID response measures and extreme government enforcement actions there is another element at play that should be taken into account when we think about something like a climate change emergency. It is how often those in government, and other elites, exempted themselves from the actual orders that they expected ordinary people to obey. The list of infractions is a long one. It should give one pause to question this blatant hypocracy and ask whether they really believed the rules were necessary, or if was there something else at work? Like perhaps a test to see how far they could push people into compliance, as they prepare to declare the next emergency?

In the United States, Government House Leader Nancy Pelosi was caught at her hair salon, when salons were closed to ordinary people. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was caught doing the same thing. California Governor Gavin Newsom was photographed the French Laundry restaurant dining inside, and in close quarters, with 12 friends, when indoor dining in restaurants was closed to ordinary people. Former US President Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday with a crowd of 400 A-Listers, at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, while much of the country was still in lockdown. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer decided it was okay for her to go to her cottage, while ordinary people in her state were under stay-at-home orders and told not to go anywhere.

In Canada, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelled from Ontario to Quebec to celebrate Easter with his family, while telling ordinary Canadians they should avoid gathering with family for the holiday, even if they were in the same city. Ontario Premier Doug Ford went to his Muskoka cottage to celebrate Easter with his family while explicitly telling ordinary Ontarians to stay home. He also attended a big wedding despite a ban on large gatherings, while actually encouraging Ontarians to call police if their neighbours were hosting large events of any kind. Federal Health Minister Patty repeatedly used government jets to fly from Ottawa to her home in Thunder Bay to spend holidays and weekends with her family, while telling ordinary Canadians not to travel and to stay home. Trudeau joined a Black Lives Matter protest, to virtue signal and take knee for a photo op, despite public health orders banning large gatherings. Ontario’s Finance Minister Rod Philips had to resign his post after he was caught spending his Christmas holidays on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, while posting pictures on line to make appear he was still in Ontario, again when ordinary Ontarians were told not to travel over the Christmas period. Then of course there was former UK Prime Minister hosting massive parties at 10 Downing Street, while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

These are but a few examples. If I were to include all the others, this article could go on forever. It does, however, raise a couple of questions. The first one is, did these privileged people really believe the rules that they imposed were truly necessary? And, if they did, than why did they think they could break them while expecting ordinary people to follow them? Or maybe they never thought they were necessary in the first place, meaning they knew all along COVID was the danger they told us it was. The second question is that if these people couldn’t follow their own rules for COVID, does anybody really think they will follow any of the  policies and make any of the necessary lifestyle changes that have been suggested, to address a climate emergency?

Do you really think the Obamas are going to give up their sprawling mansion in Martha’s Vineyard and all the other properties they own? Do you really think that any of the rich elites—all of whom are proponents of fighting climate change—like the Bidens, the Pelosis, the Clintons, or the Newsoms, the Bill Gates or the twin gurus of climate change alarmism, Al Gore and John Carey, are going to give up their mansions and yachts, or fine dining and jetting around the world? Do you think they are the ones who will be eating bugs to save the planet?

Do you think Justin Trudeau is going to give up his lifestyle of jetting off to Tofino for a weekend of surfing while staying in a six million dollar mansion. Good grief, Trudeau could barely muster a coherent answer when he announced his government was banning single use plastics and a reporter asked what his family was doing to reduce their plastic use. I guess it never occurred to him that maybe they could just drink tap water like the rest of us.

Given the unconstitutional and often illegal actions government leaders took during the pandemic, followed their own hypocrisy in not following the very rules they imposed on others, our distrust of them should be monumental. Do we really need to hear anymore from them? Can we believe anything they say, when for example, they point to the latest hurricaine that arrives in Florida, during actual hurricane season, and say it’s because of climate change. Whether you believe man-made climate change is real or not, you still have to ask yourself how much are you willing to give up if govenments decide things are so dire they must declare a climate emergency. Who do you think is going to make the real sacrifices when they do that. We saw how that went for us once, do we really want to see it, and live it again?

#LSN_ONNews #LSN_NorWest

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I am a retired journalist who served with the Canadian Armed Forces and for the last 13 years of my working career was a Senior Emergency Planning Analyst with the RCMP. I am a wife, mother and dog, cat and intrepid explorer 
An Intrepid warrior exploring issues in today's strange new world.
Roxanne Halverson

The views expressed in this opinion article or photos are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

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