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Iola Car Show COVID Updates

Event date: 7/8/2021 - 7/10/2021 Export event

Iola Car Show COVID Updates

The Show Goes On

IOLA, WISCONSIN  ~~~~~~  February 25, 2021  (LSN)  After the challenges of 2020, the Iola Car Show team is very excited to be back to the business of doing what we love, planning an awesome event for everyone to enjoy this coming July.  We want to share with you some of what we’re doing in order to ensure the 2021 show is a fun, productive and safe event for everyone involved. 

Even in “normal” times, it takes tremendous effort and cooperation to plan, manage and execute an event as big as the Iola Car Show and Swap Meet.  Certainly, with the extra needs of addressing and responding to COVID, it goes without saying that this year will require even more. The purpose of this page is to keep you up to date on our current plans, adjustments and changes as we proceed toward the July event. 

It’s very important for everyone to understand and remember that this is a fluid situation. There will be parts of the event this year that will look and feel a bit differently than in the past. We’re asking everyone to check back often for the most current updates, as things are certainly subject to change as we get closer to the show.  More than ever before, it’s on the consumer to “know before you go,” so that you’re not surprised by any changes. We’ll be doing our best to promote the show plans in as many ways as we can, so please be sure to pay attention and seek that information.

One of the silver linings to the tumultuous year for events is that it’s opened doors for communication and improving best practices among event operators and promoters.  As we approach this year’s event, we’ve had some great conversations and idea sharing between events such as EAA Airventure, the The Ryder Cup, Madison Classics and more.  This collaboration helps to make us all better and safer approaching the 2021 season.

At this time, here are some of the protocols and changes we are planning for the 2021 show, as well as things we’re considering.

  • We are strongly encouraging attendees to purchase tickets online to help limit contact upon entry.

  • There will be an increase in admission prices at the gate to help mitigate the need for cash change and streamline the process.  Day passes will be $20 at the gate, and 3-day passes will be $30 at the gate.  Children 12 and under and parking are still free, and the online tickets will still be $15 and $28.

  • Food prices are being adjusted (both up and down) to create more round numbers ($5’s and $10’s) to mitigate the need for cash change.

  • In recognition of families wanting to save money and attendees wanting to avoid contact, we will allow reasonable carry-ins of food and snacks at the gate this year.

  • Facemasks are strongly encouraged while on the grounds.

  • Social distancing is strongly encouraged while on the grounds.

  • We will have increased sanitization stations throughout the grounds.

  • ​We will be limiting or eliminating features of the show that promote congregating

Here are some things we are still considering:

  • At this time, socially distanced music performances are still being planned. This is subject to change.

  • At this time, masks will be encouraged, but not required, when indoors.  This is subject to change.

  • At this time, there isn’t a firm limitation on indoor capacity, but social distancing is expected. 

With everyone’s cooperation, we believe the 2021 show will be an amazing event.  It’s up to all of us to be respectful of the rules, and of those around us.  With a positive attitude and a spirit of understanding, there’s no reason we can’t get back to the event we love to enjoy together.

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