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North Shore of Lake Superior Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie

Lake Superior Circle Tour/NorthShore
Lake Superior Circle Tour along the northshore of Lake Superior Kenora, Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Including Thunder Bay, Terrace Bay, Marathon and White River


Northshore of Lake Superior

Deterioration Causes Chippewa’s Carousel to Close Earlier in Season

Deterioration Causes Chippewa’s Carousel to Close Earlier in Season

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO ~~~~~  August 9, 2022 (LSNews)  Chippewa Park’s carousel ride will close a few weeks early due to signs of deterioration to the newly restored carousel horses.

“Due to the current stage of the restoration project, the carousel had to operate without the canopy installed this year,” said Cory Halvorsen, Manager of Parks & Open Spaces. “Since the restored horses were designed to withstand outdoor conditions, we decided to operate the ride this year on the condition that it would be monitored for signs of environmental impacts.”

An inspection completed this week revealed levels of deterioration on some of the horses beyond what normal wear and tear would produce. The decision to close the ride was required in order to protect and preserve the restoration work that has gone into the carousel.

“A great deal of time and effort has gone into restoring the carousel horses,” he added. “We regret having to close the ride for the remainder of the 2022 season, but want to prevent further deterioration caused by accelerated environmental impacts.”

The carousel ride is expected to open again in 2023.


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