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Bombardier Labour Action Centre to Stay Open

Bombardier Labour Action Centre to Stay Open

Alstom - Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO    ~~~~~  March 21, 2022  (LSNews)  The Bombardier Labour Adjustment Committee, which operates the Action Centre announced Monday that the Centre, which was set to close on Tuesday has been given an extended life.

“We are pleased to announce that the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development has approved an extension that will keep the Action Centre operating until October of 2022” said Adjustment Committee Chair Iain Angus.

The Centre was initially created to support the 550 workers from the local transportation manufacturing facility who were the first group to be laid off as contracts ended and it will now be able to provide the same supports to the 296 Alstom Transportation workers who will be laid off starting this week.

The mandate of the centre is to support the adjustment process for workers, employers and community partners affected by economic and labour market change and to help employees (and their families) being laid-off deal with the effects of losing their jobs, help them review their options and plan their next steps.

Angus indicated that the Ministry reached out to the Adjustment Committee shortly after news of the new layoffs and the closure of the Centre was made public and commenced the process for an extension. The Committee quickly submitted an extension budget and was advised late Friday of the Ministry’s decision to approve the extension.

“We want to thank Minister McNaughton, the senior staff of the Ministry and especially the local staff for their assistance in getting the operation of the Centre extended to October,” said Angus. “They recognized that it was important that the newly laid off workers and their families have the same supports as their colleagues who were in the first rounds of layoffs. “

“We will work closely with the Unions who represent the workers at the plant along with Alstom to ensure that the workers receive the information they need to assist them in the transition to unemployment and the services the Action Centre offers” concluded Angus.

The last day of the Centre’s operation will now be October 22, 2022.


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