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North Shore Health announces hybrid process for CNA Training
Robert McKenzie
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North Shore Health announces hybrid process for CNA Training

COOK COUNTY, MINNESOTA ~~~~~  July 30, 2022  (LSNews)  For those interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) North Shore Health (NSH) has launched a new OnTrack program to make the process swift and flexible. The hybrid process allows candidates to complete the online portion using an internet connected computer in a location convenient to them, while completing the hands-on portion at NSH.

If they do not have a computer with internet access, they may use one at the NSH training facility or in the nearby Higher Education building. Trips to and from Duluth for testing are no longer necessary. The training and certification can be done at one’s own speed and on their own schedule within a specified time frame.

*The cost for the CNA training is paid for by NSH. To receive the free training, candidates must agree to work for NSH for a specified period of time. Better yet, a candidate can earn student pay at NSH, working while they are training. The process can typically be completed within two weeks or less.

“This is a tremendous program for people who have a passion for helping others and are interested in a health care career,” said Kimber Wraalstad, NSH Administrator. “Working as a CNA is a great way to develop skills and clinical experience, whether you plan to become a nurse, continue as a CNA, or pursue just about any other position in health care.”

This is a rewarding opportunity for people who are considering coming out of retirement or re-entering the job market after a COVID layoff. Even high school students interested in a medical career can work part time, earn a good wage and get valuable experience prior to further studies. For CNAs interested in continuing education, NSH can assist their employees in the pursuit of scholarship opportunities.

“North Shore Health’s wage scale for CNAs is higher than in many larger markets, and depending on the number of hours worked, a Sign-On Bonus may be available as well,” said Michele Silence, HR Director. “For those who prefer part time, we have a variety of flexible shifts available. CNA can also be a second job for those looking to supplement their current income.”

The Care Center at North Shore Health is a wonderful place to start and grow your health care career as a CNA. To fill out an application and view the complete posting, visit: For more information, contact Jon Moe, Education Coordinator at 218-387-3295.

North Shore Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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