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COVID Vaccine Frenzy, Follies, and Mandate Madness
Roxanne Halverson

COVID Vaccine Frenzy, Follies, and Mandate Madness

Corona Virus Chronicles -- Chapter #7

THUNDER  BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  November 16, 2022 (LSNews)  Winter looms, for 2022, and we are once again being harangued by our leaders and government health ‘experts’ about updating our COVID 19 shots. As we listen to this noise, it might be time to take a look back at how this all began and then morphed into vaccine frenzy, follies and mandate madness and ask ourselves, why are we listening to them at all?

By January of 2021 it was clear Canada's vaccine rollout was off to a  sluggish start. Countries like Israel, the United Kingdom and the US had started major vaccine campaigns as early as December of 2020. Meanwhile Canada's vaccine per capita rate lagged for weeks, registering among the lowest in the developed countries. This was largely due to the Liberal government’s imprudent decision to partner with China, of all countries, to produce vaccines. The deal, not surprisingly, fell apart, so Canada’s orders with other suppliers went in late, behind many other countries. So, as the government placed orders, enmasse, vaccins remained in short supply. So much so that in February, Canada, in desperation, begged 1.9 million doses from COVAX, a WHO led program designed to ensure third world countries had equitable access to COVID vaccines.  

When large supplies of vaccines began arriving in the spring of 2021, Canada-wide rollout programs, to administer the shots, began. Governments, and their health experts, assured Canadians that the vaccines would get them out of the pandemic, and end the maskings, the lockdowns, and all the other crazy COVID restrictions. People were motivated, they thought that if they got vaccinated, they would get their lives back. So the vaccine frenzy began. People lined up to get their shots of either the AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines, made available through pharmacies and vaccine clinics across the country. 


After people got their first shots they were advised that, for the vaccines to have their full effect two shots–four to six weeks apart–were needed. That’s when vaccine frenzy morphed into vaccine follies. Shortly after the rollouts began Health Canada awkwardly announced that the recommended interval of four to six weeks between shots would be extended to eight to twelve weeks. They didn’t really explain why, but assured us the longer interval actually provided for better overall immunity. This folly had absolutely no statistical evidence or studies to back it up. The real reason, of course, was that Canada again, was in short supply of vaccines. So it was decided that extending the interval between the doses, would hopefully ensure more people would at least have their first shot, while the country waited for more supplies to arrive to give them their second dose.  

Then, another shoe dropped. It seemed the AstraZeneca vaccine was causing an increased risk of rare, but severe blood clots in recipients. So, it was decided to restrict its use to people over the age of 40, because the increased risk of blood clots in younger age groups was greater, compared to their risk of death from COVID. 

Did you get that? It was actually acknowledged that the risk to young people from dying of COVID was so low, that they stopped administering this particular vaccine, because it might be more dangerous to them than COVID itself. It begs the question, that if their risk of dying from COVID was so low, why did they need the vaccine at all? Yet no one asked it, certainly not a single member of legacy media.


Eventually AstraZeneca was discontinued altogether, although no clear reason was ever given. Then more vaccine folly ensued, as people who had received AstraZeneca as their first shot, were advised it was completely safe to get either the Moderna or Pfizer as their second. The fact that these were two completely different vaccines didn’t seem to matter. AstraZeneca, was a viral vector vaccine, based more along the lines of traditional vaccines, while the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines, were a type of gene therapy, a relatively new technology that had never been used to produce vaccines before. In addition to assuring people this was completely safe, government health experts again proffered another folly—that mixing the vaccines offered better protection than having two of the same shots. Again, they had absolutely no evidence to back this claim up.

Then, as shortages of either Pfizer or Moderna varied in the coming months, again health officials advised that mixing the two mRNA shots was fine as well. As more and more mRNA shots were administered to more and more people, some problems with them surfaced as well. It seems, a number of healthy young people, men, in particular, were experiencing myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis, the inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, after receiving their shots. Both are serious heart conditions that can have lasting impacts on a person’s health. Yet, unlike the AstraZeneca vaccine, no thought was given to suspend these vaccines because the increased risk of heart damage in younger groups (men) was greater, compared to their risk of death from COVID.

Amidst these ongoing follies, the Liberal government, and its health experts, stirred up more vaccine frenzy. After initially projecting that if 70 percent of eligible Canadians got vaccinated that would be enough to end the pandemic, it upped that to 80 percent. Then it decided that children, too, needed to get the shot, despite clear evidence COVID proposed little risk to healthy children. Yet, before the end of 2021, Health Canada announced it had approved the Pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 12. Fortunately neither provinces nor Boards of Education, mandated the vaccine for children to attend school. Yet, parents who decided not to inject their children with a new type of vaccine, for which long term side-effects had yet to determined, found their kids being banned from participating in team sports or other organized group activities, outside of school. 

Eventually the vaccine frenzy morphed into mandate madness, when the federal government mandated its employees to get vaccinated. Mandates then followed for police agencies along with other first responders, and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). People who refused faced losing their jobs. Then, in November of 2021, the federal government introduced vaccine travel mandates. Unvaccinated people could no longer board planes to travel either inside or outside the country, nor could they board trains to travel domestically. Despite the fact, as we have since learned, there was no scientific basis, for such travel mandates. Further mandates were also imposed by the provinces with the introduction of the vaccine passports. People were required to produce proof of vaccination certificates in order to go to restaurants, bars, the gym, the theatre, and various other indoor facilities and venues.


Of course, by this time, more vaccine follies were being exposed. For example, the folly that vaccines would end the pandemic and the health restrictions, because mask mandates continued, as did lockdowns and school closures. As late as January of 2022, the Ontario government imposed a lockdown, ordering the closure of all non-essential indoor facilities, due to the arrival of the much milder Omicron variant. Mask mandates weren’t lifted until May of 2022 in some provinces. Yet some places such a medical facilities, certain universities, and businesses still insist of masks worn. Again, with over 80 percent of the Canadian population vaccinated.

In lockstep with the entire vaccine campaign came the demonization of those, who, for whatever reason chose not to take the jab. Governments, the legacy media, and even Canadians, who had gotten vaccinated, berated them. They were called ‘selfish’ for putting other’s lives at risk, and actually blamed for extending the pandemic and the restrictions. Some critics even went so far as to say they shouldn't receive medical treatment if they got COVID. As this frenzy reached shocking heights in pitting Canadians against each other that summer, in the middle of this pandemic frenzy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called an unnecessary election, and further politicized the vaccine issue to gain votes while driving a further wedge between Canadians.

Canada election: Trudeau slams protesters, says they’re putting others at risk | Watch News Videos Online

After he won the election, although not by the majority he had hoped for, and the reason he had called it in the first place, he continued criticizing and demonizing the unvaccinated. 

Trudeau says Canadians are 'angry' and 'frustrated' with the unvaccinated | CBC News

By this time another vaccine folly began to emerge when it became evident that the vaccines neither prevented the spread of the virus, nor did they stop people from getting infected, particularly as the Omicron variant took hold in the population. Thousands who had received two and even three shots were still contracting COVID. Even the Trudeau himself had twice contracted the virus since getting vaccinated. To downplay this, yet another vaccine fallacy was cooked up. Apparently being vaccinated ensured that if you got the virus, you wouldn’t get very sick or if you did happen to become seriously ill, it wouldn’t kill you. Again, there were no studies, no statistical data, nothing to give this claim any credence. Nothing other than prominent vaccine frenzy and mandate proponents in the twitterverse Tweeting these baseless claims, including Trudeau himself.



So looking back on the actions of the pro-pandemic political proponents and their legacy media promoters, do we really need to hear anymore from them, or believe anything they say? They have lied to, and gaslit Canadians, to the point of risking their health and that of their children, in the name of the vaccine frenzy. There continues to be mounting evidence that the vaccines don’t work, as more and more people contract the virus, yet they continue to promote the vaccines. The fact that most don’t become extremely ill, from COVID, has much more to do with the milder nature of each mutation of virus, than the folly that the vaccine is some type of medical treatment that lessens symptoms of the disease.

There is also evidence that, for some, particularly children and young adults, who are already at a minimal risk from COVID, that the vaccines do more harm than good. Perhaps we should look to the five Nordic countries that are no longer administering vaccines to these age groups (and even older ones), rather than our own country’s ‘health experts’. And can we finally end the disquieting folly of demonizing fellow Canadians, who did nothing more than exercise a basic human and constitutional right—body automony? Because it is abudantly clear that they endangered no lives, as we now know the vaccinated are just as capable of spreading the disease as the unvaccinated. If demonization belongs anywhere it is with those who, using fear, guilt, gaslighting and dishonesty, pushed many into making decisions they may now regret or act in a manner for which they should now be ashamed.

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I am a retired journalist who served with the Canadian Armed Forces and for the last 13 years of my working career was a Senior Emergency Planning Analyst with the RCMP. I am a wife, mother and dog, cat and intrepid explorer 
An Intrepid warrior exploring issues in today's strange new world.
Roxanne Halverson

The views expressed in this opinion article or photos are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Lake Superior News / Lake Superior Media.

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