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Event date: 12/29/2022 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Export event
Special Kenora Council Meeting

Special Kenora Council Meeting

Re: the Level of Violence 11 a m Dec 29th

KENORA, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  December 28, 2022  (LSNews)  The business and citizen have been reaching out to us because of the high level of violence in the City of Kenora over the past month 

The citizens have shared with us that their will be a Special Committee of the Whole Meeting of Kenora Council at 11 am Thursday December 29, 2022 in the City HallCouncil Chambers 

The City of Kenora pay the OPP $6.8 million dollars we are told to protect the citizen of Kenora and yet we can not find out if the OPP are even invited to this meeting 

Business owners in Kenora continue to grow frustrated with recent incidents of crime.

The latest incident occurred at the Spirit Oak Tea Company located at 218 Second Street South yesterday, Tuesday December 27,2022 when four men entered the shop to harass customers.

A message from Spirit Oak Tea Company Though we did plan on being open between Christmas and New Year's an incident at the shop today has lead us to close until January 3rd.

I am thankful that no one was injured when 4 men entered the shop today and harassed my staff. I am also extremely upset that we have to deal with continuous harassment in the first place. This is one of multiple occasions in Kenora where small business owners or people simply trying to make a living have had to deal with getting into work late due to an encampment in front of business doors, cleaning up garbage and human excrement, disturbances, theft, verbal or physical abuse.

Unfortunately the environment downtown has become so bad that my employees don't feel safe coming to work. Even reaching the point of feeling like their only choice was to leave their position with us rather than risk their own safety being downtown.

I have heard wonderful things about Kenora and looked forward to putting down roots but what I have experienced over the last 6 years of living here makes me upset to call it home. 😑

Thank you to Chantele at @playa_vida who noticed the men enter the shop and came over to help remove them and check on my staff.

To top it off the only solution given to us by the police was to reach out to city council, lock our doors and use force if needed. They want us to lock our doors and hope it doesn't come to us fighting for our lives.

Let's hope the police and city council will stop blaming each other and work together to find a real solution.

The community is demanding Change, and an increase in protection for store owners and citizen of Kenora Shopping Downtown 

Listen to what the Business owner  has to say 

Read the full story 
Island Girl clothing store at 309 2nd Street South.


Visitors and Local Residents started last summer to avoid the Downtown area for their family's safety 

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Lake Superior News Economy

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