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New independent polling data shows Canadian farmers overwhelmingly reject Trudeau's nitrogen targets
Rebel News
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New independent polling data shows Canadian farmers overwhelmingly reject Trudeau's nitrogen targets

The Buffalo

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~   September 27, 2022 (LSNews)    Critics say the targets will lead to food shortages and inflation.

The targets are similar to those imposed by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. A 30% reduction in nitrogen use and nitrogen emissions could force farmers to cull livestock, walk away from land and face reduced yields on the land they can use.

Critics say the targets will lead to food shortages and inflation. Recently, after the Sri Lankan government adopted UN-WEF farming protocol, food insecurity caused by crop losses led to riots in the streets.

According to reports in Energy Now

Canadian growers are saying "they may have to shrink grain output significantly at a time when the world is scrambling for more supplies. Also at stake is the estimated C$10.4 billion ($8.08 billion) that farmers could lose this decade from the reduced output.”

iFusion Research, owned by Greg Dunlop, conducts numerous surveys with farmers across Canada and just completed a nine-question survey across 546 respondents, all of which were farmers.

On the fertilizer ban:

  • 83% net disagree with the targets and 14% net agree
  • Half of all farmers believe that fertilizer emission estimates ignore actual farm practices
  • Most farmers use nitrogen/synthetic fertilizer
  • With the way emissions are currently calculated, farmers are extremely pessimistic that targets can be reached without impacting yields (82% of respondents)
  • Most farmers (about 75% of those polled) don't trust the government when they suggest the targets will be voluntary


The study also revealed why the Liberals don't care what farmers think about their nitrogen caps:

  • Overwhelming support for the federal Conservative Party among farmers in Western Canada
  • Significantly higher support for conservatives in Alberta (80%) and lower in Saskatchewan (65%)
  • Liberals have less than 4% support across provinces, however, the NDP has significantly higher, but still very low support, in Saskatchewan (7%).
  • Although not charted, support for the Conservative Party among just decided voters is 85%

The Liberals can brutally punish the farmers of the Prairies because there is no political downside for the Liberals. There are no votes to lose.

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