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Statement from City Manager on Moving James Whalen Tug

Statement from City Manager on Moving James Whalen Tug

Which sank by on May 1st of this year

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  August 12, 2022 (LSNews)  On May 1st the historic James Whalen sank in the Kaministiqua River. The city announced Friday it had awarded a contract to raise the board and transport it to temporary storage to LH North for $793,000.

The James Whalen, which was built in 1905 and has been moored at Kam River Heritage Park since the city acquired it in the early 1990s,

The ship had taken on water and partially sunk last year, but water was pumped out and the tugboat was assessed and determined to be stable. 

In a media release the city manager Norm Gale, city manager reported 

The Request for Proposals to raise and move the James Whalen tug closed on August 3, with two submissions received from qualified contractors.

The contract has been awarded to LH North for $793,000.

The proposed schedule indicates that work will begin in mid-September, with completion the first week of October. The methodology proposed includes the use of cranes to lift the tug out of the water and place it into a wooden crib at a temporary dry land storage location.

Options will be explored with the Contractor to change the storage location from the temporary one proposed to a permanent dry land location on City property as part of this project. This would increase the value provided by this work, and avoid future costs to move the boat from the temporary location to a final permanent location. Site option analysis will be completed over the next two weeks to avoid impacts to the project schedule.

- 30 -

There is fear among residents of the Former City of Fort William that the Historic Tug will be removed from the Kam River Park and move to Marina Park another step in the Destruction  of the former city of Fort Wiliam 

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