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Event date: 6/3/2022 - 6/18/2022 Export event
Neebing Fire/Rescue Association  Fire Wood Raffle.
Robert McKenzie

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association Fire Wood Raffle.

Raffle June 18th

THUNDER BAY, NEEBING, ONTARIO  ~~~~~  June 3, 2022 (LSNews)   Someone is going to win 10 full cords of cut, split and seasoned  birch firewood on June 18th. Have you got your ticket yet?  The firewood donated to Neebing Fire/Rescue Association  by Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd. is not your run of the mill raffle prize and is coveted by many.  This is the 4th time this prize was donated. The previous draws in 2015, 2016 and 2017 raised nearly $37,000. The organizers are hoping to make that an even $50,000  with the proceeds from this year.


Colin Chaschuk explained why the donation was renewed for 2022. “ We live and work in the Municipality of Neebing and take great pride in our community and like to help out in any way we can. We respect the time and effort the volunteer fire department gives to the community of  Neebing.”


Fire Chief Dale Ashbee praises all community members for their support, “ Neebing Emergency Services truly appreciates all of the support it receives from individual and corporate community members. The generous donation made by Chaschuk Enterprises for the 2022 NFRA Wood Raffle will help to purchase modern firefighting and medical response equipment, as well as provide NES volunteers with up-to-date training opportunities. Thank you Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd ! 

We also thank our 2nd and 3rd place prize donors. Northern Turf, Canadian Tire stores (Arthur St and Thunder Centre), Home Depot, Excalibur Motorcycle Works Ltd and Santorelli’s & Sons Husky Car & Truck Stop.

You will find us selling tickets at Canadian Tire  (Arthur St) from 9:00 to 5:00 on June 4. Tickets sell for $5 each or 3/$10. Buy a book of 10 for $35 and support a great cause.

Tickets are also always available till they sell out at:

  • AJ's Trading Post, Hwy 61
  • Chaschuk Enterprises Ltd, 36 Barrie Drive
  • Excalibur Motorcycle Works Ltd, 1425 Walsh St. West
  • Green Acre Variety, Hwy 595
  • Neebing Municipal Office, Hwy 61
  • Northern Turf Equipment, 710B Balmoral Street
  • Santorelli Car/Truck Stop, Hwy 130
  • South Neebing Variety, Hwy 61
  • Thunder Bay Co-op and Farm Supplies, 560 Boundary Drive
  • Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, 661 Boundary Drive

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Lake Superior News Economy

Lake Superior News Economy

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