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City Budget, Presentation, Victoriaville
Mall/Centre Rene Larson

VictoriaVille Centre Syndicate Ave looking South  Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, Ontario  —  January 13, 2019  (LSN) I am here to request that the City set aside adequate funds in the 2019 budget to repair and maintain Victoriaville Mall/Centre.

Attached are  pictures showing the drip pails deployed in front of 620 Victoria Ave E in rainy
weather and during spring melt when winter snow is melting on the roof.
The pails are unsightly and unsafe in a pedestrian mall.
Since the City self insures up to $1M in damages, there is great exposure to increased civil litigation

VictoriaVille Centre  Victoria Ave Looking West  Lake Superior NewsAlthough difficult to quantify, the inaction by the City detracts from property values, and contributes to
a scenario of deterioration and demise in this City facility and the downtown area.

I note specifically that the City has exempted itself from its own Property Standards By-law, so that a
citizen or adjacent property owner is barred from seeking the assistance of the City’s By-law Enforcement Officers and the Property Standards Committee to force the City to repair and maintain
its roof.

Please think about making the City responsible for its properties by amending this by-law so that we
can find out if the City’s standards which apply to all private property owners would allow the existing
conditions at Victoriaville to continue.

Please feel free to have City administration call me on my cell phone 632-7650 anytime should
Council have some concerns and wish to address these issues.

Yours very truly,
4023978 Canada Inc.
Rene Larson
Rene Larson, President



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