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Isle Royale 1845-1846
By James R. Stevens

Angelique Abandoned by James R Stevens

Angelique Mott was seventeen when she was deceived and eventually left on her own with no food to survive a frigid winter on Michigan’s famed Isle Royale. Her fight to survive is a heroic epic on the Lake Superior Frontier of 1845 and 46. James R. Stevens’ novella, based on historical fact is an emotional journey with Angelique as she starves and deals with her faith in Christianity and the spirit world of her forest people. Much of the story streams forth in the words of an old Metis grandson living alone on Madeline Island in Wisconsin. Angelique’s journey into a winter of hell begins at Sault Ste. Marie when she and her husband, Charlie Mott ride the schooner Algonquin to the shores of Isle Royale in a search for copper.
“Angelique’s story represents the essence of our true selves, and despite the intrusions of foreign doctrine. James Stevens properly portrays the powerful and mystical ways of our unique spirituality. This, the mainstay of Angelique’s survival crossed by the violent nature of humanity and of nature itself. Angelique teaches us the essential human elements… in yourself and forgiveness to those who have caused so much tragedy. Little did I know that I would be so engulfed in Angelique’s harrowing life experience that I became a part of her journey in such a way that I will never forget. The book reinforces our belief system of never giving up and the power of forgiveness. This story is a must read for everyone. ”
Marlene Pierre—Ojibway Woman Activist—
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Angelique's Isle

by director Michelle Derosier

Julia Jones as Angelique and Charlie Carrick as Charlie Mott. The young couple were abandoned on a Lake Superior island in the 1840s. Only Angelique survived.   (Thunderstone Pictures)

Michelle Derosier
Filmmaker Michelle Derosier is currently editing her first feature, Angelique’s Isle, which will be released next year.

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